Custom Admin Manual

Custom Admin Manual

WordPress has loads of documentation available, but this is a custom-created reference manual for YOUR site’s configuration, plugins and custom scripts.

You’ll always have access to JDM Labs (here) for detailed, updated documentation on the plugins we use and the custom scripts we write.

What this Optional Add-On provides is a one-stop reference manual for the website we built for YOU, specifically.

What about training?

All of JDM’s website design projects include 1 hour of admin training, but people leave and new people join and quickly, nobody knows how to operate your website.

With our Custom Admin Manual add-on, you have a step-by-step guide written, from scratch, by the people who know your site the best–us.

View Sample Manual on JDM Docs

You can request to receive a PDF of your custom admin manual, but our Custom Admin Manuals are hosted on our secure and easy-to-use JDM Docs site.

JDM Docs ( securely houses each of our clients’ documentation, manuals and includes links to up-to-date help and support articles, here, on JDM Labs (

Take a look at an abbreviated, sample Admin Manual on JDM docs.

This is a HIGHLY recommended Add-on if your organization is not already pretty familiar with self-hosted WordPress website administration.


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