Express Delivery

Express Delivery

Sometimes you need a project done fast–really fast.  Using our streamlined process, JDM Digital has completed projects that traditional take months in a matter of weeks.  But that isn’t fast enough for you, select the “Express Delivery” Add-on and we’ll bet you we can hit even a ridiculous deadline. 

The actual delivery dates vary, but there’s a reasonable deadline listed at the top of our proposals.  Then, we’ll cut that time by 30% for an additional fee.

What if we miss the deadline?

Mostly because our owner is a betting man, this add-on is structured so that if we DO NOT hit this new, much shorter deadline, we’ll refund the feed once the project has been paid in full.

Best of all, we don’t care who’s fault it is we don’t hit the deadline.  It could be that we just got a little over-ambitious or the client requested 4,000 changes.  We don’t want to start pointing fingers.  Regardless of who’s fault it is, the fee is refunded if the deadline isn’t met.  Simple enough.

Need it done–yesterday?

If you REALLY want this thing done fast, ask about our “Super-Express Delivery” add-on.  We’ll work night and day to hit a deadline that’s TWICE as fast as our already fast pace.  We’ll work day and night under the same structure as outlined above.

Just to give you an idea, we’ve completed a responsive, custom WordPress website of 25 pages in 36 hours flat.  That’s the record our President is eager to beat.

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