Loading Speed Package

Loading Speed Package

Research has shown page loading speed matters.  Not just for user experience, but also for SEO.  This package includes the tools and techniques to drastically increase the speed pages will load on the new site.

The specifics around how we’ll increase the loading speed of the website we’re building will vary based on it’s functionality, if it’s on a CMS (like WordPress) and if it needs to be both responsive and adaptive.  It also matters a lot what a client’s web hosting provider will LET us do.  Each provider has their own limitations (unless we’re talking about jHost, of course).

That said, here are a handful of things we can do to increase page loading speed.  They might include:

  • Automatic HTML Cacheing
  • JavaScript & CSS Minification
  • Install/Setup of a CDN
  • GZIP Compression Enabling
  • Adding Far-Future Expire Headers
  • Stripping out unnecessary Database Queries
  • Add Mobile Device Detection and Adaptation
  • and much more…

Typically, we find clients’ website benefit from a 40% to 500% increase in page loading speed.  If requested, we’ll benchmark the loading speed increase during development for those that are curious.


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