Premium Support

Premium Support

Whether by user error, hacker or act of god (aka Google), bad things do happen.  That’s why JDM offers “Premium Support” as an optional add-on subscription.

Starting at just $38 per month, you can call, email or send smoke signals and JDM will be there to fix the issue.  You’ll also receive unfettered access to this, our support site, with loads of information and documentation for those times when you need a refresher course.

Support terms and pricing will vary based on the website we’re covering.  Premium Support is only available to web properties WE BUILT.  We will not support other people’s work.

We feel so strongly that having a support team on deck is critical to long term success that we always include a trail subscription of premium support in all new website project proposals to last for 30 days from the date of Go-Live.  At the end of those 30-days, clients are given the opportunity to renew or cancel their support subscription.

If you’re interested in learning more about Premium Support, let’s grab a beer.

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