Security Package

In the case of WordPress CMS-powered websites, security can be an issue. Even if your site contains NO sensitive information, malicious code roams the web looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. It’s akin to teenagers throwing a rock through a window. They aren’t stealing anything. They’re just being malicious.

Over the last 6 months, JDM has seen a sudden uptick in security issues with WordPress websites. This is likely do to its overwhelming popularity. Whatever the cause, JDM offers our WordPress Security Package to PROACTIVELY prevent and repair damage caused by malicious hackers.

Our “Security Package” Add-on includes: 1 year of automated security & monitoring provided by Sucuri Security as well as a few of our own proprietary anti-hack patches. After the first year, clients may continue to pay Sucuri directly or cancel their subscription and keep the anti-hack patches.

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