JDM Frontend Admin Buttons

JDM Frontend Admin Buttons

The WordPress admin bar gets in the way of basic frontend management of your WordPress site–especially if you have a fixed main navigation.

JDM Frontend Admin Buttons (or “JDM FAB,” for short) is a simple and VERY light-weight WordPress plugin.   The plugin removes the default WordPress admin bar and adds floating buttons that are contextually-aware and fixed to one side so they’re out of the way.  As you hover over the icons, they slide out revealing the button title/action.

We continue to work on the plugin over on GitHub and we intend on releasing it on the WordPress repo soon.  For now, you have to use the GitHub Updater plugin for automatic updates or just download and install it the old fashioned way.

UPDATE: JDM Frontend Admin Buttons is now a pre-integrated plugin for Bootplate.


Seeing is believing.  We get that.  Here’s what the plugin looks like when you’re logged in and viewing the Bootplate theme framework.  The screenshot on the left is before.  The one on the right is as you hover (or focus) on the buttons.




JDM Frontend Admin Buttons is not, yet, available on the WordPress plugin repo.  However, using GitHub Updater you can install and manage automatic updates immediately while the plugin is in BETA.  Here’s how.

  1. Install the plugin, and the updater – tutorial here for using GitHub Updater
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. View your site on the frontend
  4. That’s it!

The Future

We have high-hopes for this little plugin.  It doesn’t do much, but what it DOES do it does pretty darn well.  In the future we hope to add an options page, include automatic detection of different types of editable content and improve how it works on touch devices.


The latest version of JDM FAB fixed that last part.  It now fully supports touch-enabled devices.

Got an idea of your own?  Submit it as an “Issue” over on the GitHub repo: github.com/jdmdigital/jdm-frontend-admin-buttons

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