JDM version 5

  • JDM version 5
  • JDM version 5
  • JDM version 5
  • JDM version 5
  • JDM version 5
  • JDM version 5
  • JDM version 5
  • JDM version 5

A lot has changed for JDM since 2013 (not just our logo).  The new JDM website is minimal, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.  Here’s a little info about what’s happening with our new website and how you, our clients, can use it to its full potential.

App-Based Website(s)

Most people think a website should be all things to all people.  We totally disagree.  Following Google’s lead, our website is minimal, but each of our sub-sites are specifically designed to acheive one specific goal.  For example, JDM Files (files.jdmdigital.co) is REALLY good at secure file management–that’s it.  It’s just like how Google Maps is really good at one thing–maps.

We’ve also brought everything under 1 roof.  Each client has a single password to remember and NO USERNAMES.  Just use your email and the password we sent and you’re good to go for ALL of our digital properties.

The MetroPanel

For the vast majority of our websites, you’ll notice a black tab at the bottom-left side of your browser.  Click that to reveal our “MetroPanel.”

The MetroPanel includes links to our other digital properties as well as some contextually-relevant information for you logged-in clients such as search, recent information, history, etc..

The Logged-in Home Page

Once you’re logged in to our website, you’re logged in to ALL our websites (with the exception of Projects and Labs for security reasons).  Return to our home page to see something completely different than what the public sees.  Each tile is pre-programmed with links for you.

As you use our site(s) more and more, the logged-in home page will begin to learn what you use and what you don’t and change accordingly.

The dead-center “Dashboard” tile will always be there.  Click that for more handy links to JDM app sites.

myJDM (version 5)

Even your old friend, myJDM, got a facelift.  The new myJDM is all about billing–nothing else.  You can access myJDM from:

  • The MetroPanel,
  • The Logged In Home dashboard (click on “Pay Invoices Online”),
  • Or, just head straight to: jdmdigital.co/my/

From there, you’ll be presented with Current Invoices and Past/Paid Invoices.  Each have a status (sent, paid, late) to one side.  Click the invoice name to view the whole invoice.  You can export it as a PDF if you plan on paying by check or click on “Pay Now” to pay the invoice securely via PayPal.

[ct_alert type=”warning” title=”NOTE:”] You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay online via PayPal.   [/ct_alert]

Once you click “Pay Now” your information should be pre-populated in the checkout fields.  If it asks for your PayPal account info, click on “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” and enter your credit or debit card information.

JDM Projects

Email is a notoriously bad project management tool.  So we created “JDM Projects” to help us manage and report on project status, feedback and estimated turnaround times.  More information.

JDM Labs (here)

From demos and code projects showcases, to documentation and support, it’s all under the umbrella of JDM Labs.

JDM Files

JDM Files is sort of our own version of Dropbox.  We use it to make uploading, downloading and managing large files with our clients much easier than email (which has a 4-5MB limit on attachments).  More on that here.

Premium Support

Whether you’ve gone and deleted your entire website or simply need help adding a few features, JDM’s Premium Support includes robust, personal support service straight from the people who built your website.  Premium Support starts at just $38 per month (billed quarterly).

JDM Docs

JDM Docs (docs.jdmdigital.co) securely houses each of our clients’ documentation, manuals and includes links to up-to-date help and support articles, here, on JDM Labs (labs.jdmdigital.co).

Take a look at an abbreviated, sample Admin Manual on JDM docs.

Proposer (Coming Soon)

No need to wait on us to put together a proposal for you.  Do it yourself with “Proposer”.  The app site will allow users to enter all the critical information for a given kind of project and generates pricing, timeframe and other information in the form of a proposal.  Edit, remove and add to it and when you’re all done, send it our way.  We’ll generate an invoice and get to work.  Coming summer of 2014.